Wedding Interview Questionnaire

Vows during the puja/ceremony, first reactions, romantic moments with love of your life are very important moments on your Wedding Day. We are making sure to be there and capture every possible angle, words, tears that comes naturally, from your heart. 

Bride and Groom interview is another memorable moment that you can add to your Big Day. During the wedding process we discuss what questions you’d like to be asked and on the Wedding Day we simultaneously ask the bride and groom the same questions. They don’t know the answers until they watch their video for the first time. We would love to match/cut/slice the answers and make your story, narrated by both of you as one voice. 

We would mic you up and take these interviews once you are ready (after makeup) and done with the photoshoot or right before the photoshoot. Please make sure you squeeze in enough time for both, photoshoot and interview. 

You can also include your loved ones (friends and family) who can talk for days about you and add a humorous/emotional element to the wedding film. We will shoot them during the ceremonies or reception.

Following page in this PDF houses a questionnaire that you can prepare for the wedding interview. Though we want it to be very from-the-heart and spontaneous, this PDF gives a little legroom and makes the interview-thing less overwhelming. 

It is a long list, but you don’t need to answer/prepare for ALL the questions. Pick 2-4, just the ones very relevant to you or which you feel you are comfortable answering.

Incase of any queries or if you want to add some of your own questions, or play with the format, do let us know on the Wedding WhatsApp Group.

Let rhythmic focus tell your story to the world! :-)

The Questionnaire

Bride and Groom

  • Tell us the story of how you two met.
  • What was your first impression?
  • When did you know you were in love? Or How did you know he/she is the one?
  • Tell us about/what was your first date?
  • How did the proposal go? Who popped the big question? 
  • What are your favourite things about the bride/groom?
  • What do you most admire about the bride/groom?
  • In what ways are you most alike?
  • In what ways are you most different?
  • Why do you love the bride/groom?
  • What are you most excited about? What are you looking forward to on your wedding day?
  • Do you have a message for the bride/groom before you get married? (A Letter to the Bride/Groom)
  • A direct message to the bride/groom. (A message through the camera)

Friends and Siblings

  • How do you know the bride and groom? What’s your first memory of the wedding couple?
  • Do you know the story of how they met?
  • What’s unique about them?
  • Do you have any funny stories about the bride/groom?
  • Do you have any funny stories about the couple?
  • What are you most looking forward to today?
  • What do you think of the wedding/wedding preps so far?
  • One advice for the couple on the big day?


  • What kind of wedding did the bride always wanted?
  • Any funny story you would like to share about him/her?
  • Any stories from when they were a kid?/How were they as a kid?
  • How did they tell you about the bride/groom?
  • Your first reaction when they told you?
  • What’s unique about the bride/groom?
  • One advice for the couple on the big day?

Do’s and Don’ts

Keep the interview brief. Pick at max 4-6 questions you want to answer. The schedule on the wedding is usually chaotic so keeping the answers short will definitely help. The questionnaire is sent in advance for you to prepare the answers. 

Avoid repeating words like - “So..”, “Yeah”, “Like”, etc. We will retake whenever we feel there is a pattern to be eliminated.

Rephrase the questions in your answers.

Eg. An answer to “What do you admire about the groom ?” shouldn’t be a direct answer. 

You must rephrase it to - “I really admire how kind he is” rather than just saying “He’s very kind”

Look toward the camera as directed. Don’t keep looking all over the place as it looks distracting in the final video.

Make sure the microphone is not rubbing against any clothing item (eg. Blazer/Dupatta). It causes bad sound spikes that are hard to remove in post production.

Avoid extra people in the room. This solves two things, 

  • there is no unnecessary noise in the room
  • there is nobody to make you uncomfortable