About Our Services

Candid Photography

Candid photography is where we shoot without hindering in between the moments. The main focus of a candid photographer is the bride and groom, detailed shots during rituals, close family, and friends, etc. You can expect timeless and dramatic photos from candid photos which will take you back to that moment.

Please give us 20-30 mins for the couple photo session as it is important.

Cinematic Film

Main goal of a Wedding Film is to shoot in the most cinematic way possible, making your wedding look like a movie. The final output is a pristine 8-20 min video, you can share on your social media. It cuts down to bare basics of the event. Additionally, you also get a 1 to 4 min video in case even 15 mins is too long for you.

Cinematic video trend is on the rise and we highly recommend it.

Traditional Photography

It's basically documentation of the whole wedding. The posed photos right from sangeet till reception. The main focus is to document each and every event, usually in a wide frame. This is mostly for your parents and old gen who wants pictures of everybody in attendance.

Traditional Videography

It is the same as traditional photography mentioned above but in motion. Typically you'd get 45-60 min of footage per event.

Traditional Video Highlight

2 hours of footage per event seem too long and cinematic is breaking your budget? Get a highlight made out of your traditional video that summarises the entire wedding in 8 minutes! The raw footage out of the traditional video is given a cinematic treatment in post-production, giving it that cinematic look. Opt for this only if you're skipping the cinematic video.

Fusion Photography

You can hire a fusion photographer when the function is relatively smaller