Regular Album

Starts at ₹15,000

  • 100 - 150 photos
  • 40 pages (20 sheets) 
  • Regular Binding
  • Non-tearable Matte Paper Quality
  • 12*18 size
  • Upgrade per sheet Rs. 200 
  • Silky / Metallic @ Rs. 4,000 extra
  • Upgradable upto 150 pages (75 sheets)


Starts at ₹25,000

  • 100 - 150 photos
  • 40 pages (20 sheets) 
  • Layflat Binding
  • Non-tearable Velvet Paper Quality
  • 12*18 size
  • Upgrade per sheet Rs. 350 
  • Upgradable upto 70 pages (35 sheets)



Price on request

  • 150-180 photos
  • 50 pages (25 sheets) 
  • Layflat Binding
  • Scuff Free Velvet Paper Quality
  • 15*20 size
  • No upgrade available

Budget Book

Starts at ₹10,000

  • 100 photos
  • 40 pages (20 sheets) 
  • Layflat Binding
  • Regular Paper
  • Matte Paper Quality
  • 8*12 size
  • Upgrade per sheet Rs. 80
  • Upgradable upto 150 pages (75 sheets)

Upgrades Available For Albums


For Regular and Budget

  • Front and Back Hard Cover
  • Leather Cover
  • Acrylic Cover
  • Image Wrap Cover
  • Luxury or Satin Fabric Cover

Paper Quality

For Regular and Budget

  • Non-tearable Velvet
  • Non-tearable Heavy Velvet
  • Non-tearable Matte
  • Non-tearable Heavy Matte
  • Non-tearable Gloss
  • Non-tearable Pearl
  • Non-tearable Silky
  • Non-tearable Luster

For Flushmount

  • Regular Paper Gloss/Matte
  • Non-tearable Silky


For Regular and Budget

  • Jute Bag
  • Leather Bag


For Regular and Budget

  • Image Printed on Lid Box
  • Image Wrap on Lid Box
  • Satin Lid Box
  • Leather Box

Let's Get Started!

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What is the procedure for getting my album printed?

You will first have to select photos you want to send for album designing. Usually the designing team completes the design withing two weeks. We send you a soft copy on digitally (Email/Whatsapp). Incase there are any changes, you can let us know. Once you approve the design, we then send it for printing which takes under a week and we ship it immediately as we receive from our print vendor.

How safely does my album ship?

If you are in Mumbai, the album is usually hand delivered by our team members. It comes protected in a jute bag and a hard box so the album never gets any physical damage. Before shipping the album, we do an extensive quality check.

How many photos do I have to select?

It depends on the album you are opting for. There are upgrade options available.

How to select photos?

You can select the photos on the client gallery provided by us. Just make a collection by clicking favorite and mention your email address. Make sure it is under the limit, or you can request for additional pages at an additional price.

What if I don't have photos on client gallery?

You can send us the selected pictures on Google Drive.